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The Northern Kentucky Beekeepers Association

We are an organization of beekeeping enthusiasts. Beekeeping is a centuries old hobby - keeping and caring for honeybees to preserve them for their usefulness in pollinating plants and providing healthy beehive products that include honey, propolis, bees wax and pollen. 
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Even if you don't keep honeybees, there is a lot you can do to help preserve and protect. "Bee" a part of the solution, as there is a lot we can learn from the honeybee.
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Tuesday Jan.8, 2019
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Campbell Co. Co-Op Extension 3500 Alexandria Pike, Highland Heights, KY 41076   

oin us for our first meeting of 2019: Board nominations & Bee School planning session, KSBA, bee order information, mentor program, new web site demo – Mike Creamer, Facebook, Schedule for 2019

Membership in NKYBA is $10 per family per year. We welcome beekeepers of all levels of experience - beginners to veterans

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ALL meetings are FREE & open to the public

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 Have A Swarm?

If you have a swarm of honeybees, give us a call. We will be glad to help!

We have a list of members that can respond quickly to help capture a swarm.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a member in your area.

Swarming Season is around April and May! (Sometimes earlier, sometimes later)

  As spring begins to arrive, a vigorous, healthy colony of honey bees - whether from a hive, a tree or your home -may likely swarm as nature's way of continuing their genetic line. Swarms are usually docile and has incredible energy to produce comb, brood and honey.  Swarms can be spotted in unlikely locales from backyards to industrial areas.

Honeybees have had to battle a lot of environmental factors and pests, more so over the last decade. Fortunately, a lot of good folks are interested in doing what they can to help save the honeybee and other pollinators.

NKYBA is committed to assisting in preserving and encouraging the honeybee population. We respectfully request that you please do not spray honeybees with water or a pesticide. Contact us if you have a swarm and would like one of our beekeepers to remove it and add it to their apiary.

Never underestimate the value of the honeybee for pollination, honey, wax and other hive commodities that are used in everyday products. Even if you don't keep honeybees, you can do a lot to help them survive.

Local Honey & Local Equipment Suppliers:
If you are a local supplier and want on our list, let us know!

2018 NKYBA Officers

President: Tom Spille tomspille@yahoo.com
Vice President: Rhonda Hampton randb@fuse.net

            Secretary: John Meier johnnymeier217@gmail.com

Treasurer: Tonia Spille toniaspille@yahoo.com
Member at Large: Carl Knochelmann carlk@fuse.net

  NKYBA Mentor List

Boone County: Tom Spille tomspille@yahoo.com

Boone County: Ron Zembrodt williez13@outlook.com

Boone County: Andrew Lutz drewlutz2002@yahoo.com

Campbell County: Melanie Derrick mel_derrick@hotmail.com

Campbell County: "Danny G" Gottmann dgottmann@hotmail.com

Campbell County: Mike Hershberger hershmn@gmail.com

Kenton County: Pete Montoure petemardis9@gmail.com

Kenton County: Carl Knochelmann carlk@fuse.net

Pendleton & Southern Counties: Stacie Meyer staciemeyer@gmail.com

2018 NKYBA Members' Honeybee Swarm List Contacts
Anglin, Lisa                      859-496-1450 (Boone)           
Bushelman, Tom               859-689-7789 (all NKY)
Carr, Jack                        859-630-6172 (Boone, Kenton, Campbell)
Creamer, Mike                  859-426-2016 (Kenton)
Gottmann, Dan                513-383-5902 (Campbell)
Gluck, Brenda                  859-242-2420 (all NKY)
Janicki, Mike & Carolyn     859-356-7574 (Boone, Kenton, Campbell)
Kerr, John                        513-608-9013 (all NKY)
Knochelmann, Carl           859-466-5700 (Boone, Kenton, Campbell)
Kreutzjans, Michelle 859-663-7920/859-344-1421 (Kenton)
Lutz, Andrew                    859-481-5274 (Boone, Grant, Campbell)
Medley, Aimee                 859-635-0119 (Campbell)
Messer, Pam                    859-689-7789 (all NKY)
Montoure, Pete                859-380-8472 (Boone, Kenton, Campbell)
Neltner, Roger                  859-635-1541 (Campbell)
Schneider, Greg                859-380-2386 (Kenton)
Simon, Robert                 859-609-5833 (Boone, Kenton, Campbell)
Spille, Tonia & Tom      859-393-4571/859-393-6323 (Boone, Kenton)
Taylor, Bob                      859-462-2073 (Campbell)
Weidig, Jason                   513-310-8997 (Boone)
Yri, John                         859-485-6925 (Boone)
Zembrodt, Ron & Joanna 859-547-9824/859-802-7329 (Boone)

Local Building Extraction/Construction Contacts

  • Danny G's Honey Bees (Alexandria, KY) 513-383-5902/dannygshoneybees.com or dgottmann@hotmail.com
  • John Telek (Ft. Thomas, Ky) 859-640-7453/telekj@hotmail.com


You may also contact your local Cooperative Extension Office for information on healthy crops for your honey bees to forage.

 Boone County


 Campbell County


 Kenton County


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