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June Meeting - Field Event

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Big Bone Lick State Historic Site, 3380 Beaver Rd, Union, KY 41091, USA

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June Meeting - Field Event

 Event at Big Bone Lick State Park (Turn right onto Bison Circle, from the main entrance, and head to the picnic shelter) Interested in bees? Have some hives? Want to start beekeeping? We are here to help! 

Our field event includes:

• Bee 101 

• Beehive Tools and Equipment

• Where to get your bees? 

• Hive Demonstrations 

• Honeybee pests and disease 

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6:30pm - 8:30pm

Big Bone Lick State Historic Site, 3380 Beaver Rd, Union, KY 41091, USA

About Us

Who We Are

We are an organization of beekeeping enthusiasts. Beekeeping is a centuries old hobby - keeping and caring for honeybees to preserve them for their usefulness in pollinating plants and providing healthy beehive products that include honey, propolis, bees wax and pollen.   

You Don't Need To Be A BeeKeeper

Even if you don't keep honeybees, there is a lot you can do to help preserve and protect. "Bee" a part of the solution, as there is a lot we can learn from the honeybee.

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Join Us

Membership in NKYBA is $10 per family per year. We welcome beekeepers of all levels of experience - beginners to veterans.  

All meetings are FREE and open to the public. Beefriend us on facebook  

Local Honey & Local Equipment Suppliers:

If you are a local supplier and want on our list, let us know!


Honey Recipes


Do you have a favorite honey or pollen recipe you'd like to share?

My favorite honey recipe is:

One very small teaspoon
One jar of very nice honey
Dip the spoon in and spin it as you pull it out
Place this in mouth and close eyes
Savor the moment and enjoy as this liquid gold unfolds:)