About Honeybees, & Their Products

***If you are diabetic, check with your doctor before eating honey and NEVER give honey to children less than one year old.***


These and other beehive products are of good value for human health.  See your local beekeeper or beehive products health store for more information.

  • HONEY is a sweet viscid liquid made by honeybees from nectar gathered from flowers of plants.  The nectar is stored in cells of beeswax, manufactured and constructed by honeybees and ripened into honey by the inversion of the greater portion of the sucrose sugar of nectar into levulose (fructose) and dextrose (glucose) and by their removal of excess moisture.  When the honey is ripened it is capped or sealed in the cells.  Pure honey is then ready for our use.
  • PROPOLIS is a hive sealant against weather and disease.  It has many human uses.
  • BEE POLLEN is a protein food used by honey bees, and is an excellent energy source for humans.
  • ROYAL JELLY is the sole diet fed to the queen bee.  It is a thick, creamy, milky white liquid that is also good for human use.

POLLINATION for most of us is vaguely explainable.  Without it many of our flowers and food crops would become extinct.

The USDA lists the following crops as being dependent on insect pollinators to produce seed or fruit.  How many of these do you eat each day?