Learning Center

Below are links to printable documents that will be helpful to beginners & seasoned beekeepers alike.  Please check our calendar for a list of meetings & events that are informative to all beekeepers. 

Interesting pollinator information can be found in the Pollinator Stewardship Council Newsletter.  April 2019 edition can be found here. 

Links for Honey Bee Identification :

University of Kentucky Dept. of Entomology - Bees of Kentucky

Insect Identification - Kentucky


  • Contact a local beekeeper
  • Join a local Beekeepers Association and/or State Association if you can.
  • Check with your local ordinances to make sure beekeeping is permitted.
  • Talk to your neighbors about your beekeeping.
  • Order packaged bees in early February or gather swarms.
  • Obtain your hive(s) and equipment
  • Choose a good location for your bees.
  • Remember bees like to call the hive home.  If you respect their wishes and treat them gently, then your tolerance for bee venom will seldom be put to the test.
  • In the event of an accidental sting, scrape the stinger from your flesh.  Squeezing or pinching it will cause more venom to release into your body.

Learning Center Videos

Class Flyers and Event Downloads

NKYBA Intro to BK School Feb 2019 (pdf)


April 2019 Trimboli Plants for Pollenator Flier (pdf)


NKBA 2019 Field Event (pdf)