Learning Center

Below are links to printable documents that will be helpful to beginners & seasoned beekeepers alike.  Please check our calendar for a list of meetings & events that are informative to all beekeepers. 



  • Contact a local beekeeper
  • Join a local Beekeepers Association and/or State Association if you can.
  • Check with your local ordinances to make sure beekeeping is permitted.
  • Talk to your neighbors about your beekeeping.
  • Order packaged bees in early February or gather swarms.
  • Obtain your hive(s) and equipment
  • Choose a good location for your bees.
  • Remember bees like to call the hive home.  If you respect their wishes and treat them gently, then your tolerance for bee venom will seldom be put to the test.
  • In the event of an accidental sting, scrape the stinger from your flesh.  Squeezing or pinching it will cause more venom to relase into your body.

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